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Update 1.6.5 now available, with more monsters, bug fixes and improved magic graphics!

DEEPFALL DUNGEON is a retro-styled RPG game. You play a hero who must enter the dreaded Dungeon and find the exit before you are devoured by monsters!  Hundreds of items to collect, intense strategic battles and Hi-Res modern 3d graphics!

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My new game, Charge! is available to download now from Gamejolt!  Download the 1 level demo today.

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My new app, Board Game Helper is available to buy now from Google Play Store. This app allows you to track between 1 and 4 tokens, roll D6 and track Victory Points.

* Track up to 4 tokens and use custom images to represent them, based on the game you are playing.

* Roll between 1 and 6 D6 and automatically total them.

* Track up to 6 players Victory Points, Life Totals, Fame Points, whatever your game demands.

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